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As a business devoted to exports, we sell part of our production to more than 30 countries. More and more international companies are starting to put their trust in the quality, professionalism and experience of our company. Our perfect location, next to one of the largest and most modern ports in the Mediterranean, and to one of the most important road networks, guarantees effective distribution in a short space of time.


Head Office

Pintor Vila Cinca, 24-28
P. I. Can Humet de Dalt
E-08213 - Polinyà  

Barcelona -  SPAIN
T. +34 93 713 27 00


Plaques en Polyéthylènetéréphtalate - PolyesterPlaques en polyéthylènetéréphtalate 


Polyethylenterephthalate copolymer plastic sheetsPlaques en copolymère de polyéthylènetéréphtalate


Plaques en PolycarbonatePlaques en polycarbonate


Polymethylmethacrylate plastic sheetsPlaques en polyméthylméthacrylate


Plaques en styrène acrylonitrilePlaques en styrène acrylonitrile


Plaques en polystyrènePlaques en polystyrène